Wailana Design Review Forms and Guidelines

All changes to your property must be approved by your Design Review Committee. Simply print out the Wailana Design Review Approval Form below and either mail, email, or drop it off to us in the office at:

87-2000 Pakeke St.

Waianae, HI 96792


The Sea Country Community Association Office is open Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm.  Any Sea Country documents may be viewed at the Sea Country Community Association office.

Wailana Design Review Application (pdf)


Wailana Design Review Guidelines (pdf)


New Resident Welcome Packet

Wailana at Sea Country Community Association has made the New Resident Welcome Packet to help the Homeowner and new tenants get familiar with the rules and regulations of Wailana at Sea Country.  While this packet helps inform homeowners of the rules and regulations, it is mandatory to be given to tenants upon move in.  There are several signing receipt pages that must be turned into the Sea Country Association Office upon Check-In. All residents are required to register into the Association within seven days of move in.

Wailana New Resident Welcome Packet (pdf)


Change of Address

Home Owners: Please remember, when buying, selling, or renting your home in Sea Country Community Association, to fill out the Change of Address form below and send it to:

Hawaiiana Management

C/O Nathan Christensen

711 Kapiolani Blvd. Suite 700

Honolulu, HI 96813

Email: nathanc@hmcmgt.com

Hawaiiana Change of Address Form (pdf)


Wailana New House Rules and Parking

When purchasing a home in Wailana, the homeowner receives a full document package with all of the rules and regulations for Wailana at Sea Country.  The New Resident Welcome packet contains the basic rules and regulations for Wailana at Sea Country. For your convenience, below we have uploaded the newest adopted Wailana house rules regarding pets, parties, and parking.  Also, we have included the newest adopted parking rules and regulations for Sea Country Community Association.  

Wailana New House Rules Adopted 4-18-2016 (pdf)


SCCA New Parking Rules Letter 8-30-2016 (pdf)


Wailana Board of Directors

President:                            Mark Wright

Vice President:                     Bruce Marshall                          

Secretary:                            Mandy Gardiner                   

Treasurer:                            Frederick Ferreira                        

Director:                              Paulette Deleconio              

Director:                              Johanna Bishop                   

Director:                              Alvin Walker                  

General Manager:                Randell Barnett                   

Hawaiiana Rep:                    Nathan Christensen            

                                           Email Board Members