Registering Into/Out of Sea Country

Please be aware, that when purchasing a home in Sea Country Community Association, the home owner is required to register into the Association within seven (7) days. Please fill out the SCCA Owner Documents Receipt Form below and come into the Sea Country Association office to register into the Association.  This ensures that the home owner receives any letters or documents we mail, we have contact information in case of emergencies, and gives the resident the ability to get access to the Sea Country Community Association Pool and Clubhouse facility. If you are a current home owner and have not registered into the Association, please fill out the SCCA Owner Documents Receipt Form below and stop by our office.  

Please also be aware, that when selling or renting a home in Sea Country, the homeowner is required to contact Sea Country Community Association via phone, email, or in person.  All tenants of a home in Sea Country must fill out the Owner/Tenant Data Card below and register into the Association.

Please bring the following into the Sea Country Association office to register:

Sea Country Homeowner: Proof of ownership (closing docs, mortgage statement, etc.), signed SCCA Owner Documents Receipt Form,

                and proof of being current with Association dues (if registering after 90 days of purchase).

        Sea Country Tenant: Rental agreement (Lease), signed Owner/Tenant Data Card, and signed receipt pages of the New Resident Welcome Packet                                                                                          

SCCA Owner Documents Receipt Form (pdf)


SCCA Owner/Tenant Data Card (pdf)


Swimming Pool Access


Sea Country ID Card

After registering into the Association, you can get a Sea Country ID card that will allow access into the swimming pool.  Everyone in the swimming pool over the age of 2 must have an ID card.

Who, Where, When, How Much?

You can get an ID card at the same time as registering into the Association.  If you have already registered, you can come to the office during business hours to get an ID card.  

Homeowners: Everyone living in the household may get an ID card,  You may also get up to 4 guest passes, in case you have guests that would like to use the swimming pool with you.

Tenants: Any person on the rental lease may get an ID card.

ID cards cost $5 per card. We only accept cash. Any person wishing to get an ID card must be present in the office.